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Why choosing Honitech

Vertical machines for multi-stroke honing, single stroke honing and combined configuration.


There are several models available in the catalog (all customizable), complete with one or more spindles, control gauges, workpiece holders and automatic loading- unloading systems.

Honing machines

In honing machines, the tool holding spindle moves up and down on the vertical axis several times during the processing of the bore, removing a quantity of material in the order of a few microns each pass.
The abrasive tool expands and increases its diameter until it reaches the desired size with micrometric precision and tolerances.

Single-stroke machines

With the “Single-stroke” technology, instead, a single pass of one or more tools (in case of machines with multiple spindles) through the hole allows to reach the desired size.

Combined honing machines

Our company produces machines for low production as well as multi-spindle and rotary table models. The combined systems perform the processing by adopting both technologies, using multi-stroke or single pass tools as needed.

Honing machines

In continuous evolution, the Honitech range of vertical honing machines is now also available with linear motion technology axes.
Honitech machine levigatrici verticali per la levigatura

Honing systems

Has the solution for you!

Multi-strike, Single-stroke, combined technologies.