Logo Honitech

Honitech is...

... your reliable Italian referee as concerns the honing process, featuring.

Over thirty years of know-how and experience in the design and manufacture of vertical expansion, progressive and combined honing machines; sound experience in honing tools and special tools, even interchangeable with the original of international trademark; a wide range of accessories and consumables.
All HT proposed solutions are modular, may be implemented around the years and are custom made, innovative and performing, functional to small, medium or large batches.

Our Mission

Less ties, more productivity in honing.

HT summarizes by this motto her own operational identity. With the wide range of machines and tools; of accessories and consumables at her own disposal, HT supports her customers in the selection of the suitable solution, surpassing the trading suitabilities that often define and settle the customer-supplier relationship.
Therefore: doubtful on the honing process to be adopted? HT is your absolutely unbiased consultant.

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